marzo 07, 2007

Y dicen que Papa Dios no existe

Es hermoso, maravilloso
Y todavia no puedo creer que hay personas que dicen que Dios no existe.
Si es verdad, expliquen este atardecer...

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luijo dijo...

"When sunlight travels through the atmosphere, light collides with gas molecules and scatters. The sun produces white light, which is made up of all colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Light is a wave, and each color corresponds to a different wavelength. The shorter the wavelength of light, the more it is scattered by the atmosphere. Because it has a shorter wavelength, blue light is scattered ten times more than red light. Therefore, the sky appears blue. When the sun is setting, light takes a longer path through the atmosphere. By the time the light of the setting sun reaches your eyes, most of the blue light has been scattered out. The light you finally see is reddish-orange."

jijiji.. ;)